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When Big Names Play Nice…

9 Feb

As a member of the very small percentage of people who did not watch the Super Bowl this past Sunday (I was preoccupied watching the 60 minutes interview of Anna Wintour…), I just recently became aware of Madonna’s large use of the Vogue logo on her performance stage. Not only was the logo present beneath her and behind her as a backdrop during her performance of “Vogue”, but faux magazine covers also appeared in front of the stage. And exactly how much did this cost Madonna? The answer may surprise you – nothing.

Although she contacted Vogue in  early January for licensing, Anna Wintour and her team decided not to charge the super star saying “We’re so very grateful to Madonna to have been part of such a spectacular performance. We naturally expect a new audience of football fans.” The singer and the magazine have historically held a longstanding, good relationship with each other.

The take away lesson? Always play nice with others. The full article can be found here.

VOTE HERE for your Favorite Super Bowl 2012 Commercial!

9 Feb

The National Football League’s championship has come and gone, and football fans now have to wait another 6 or so months for the season to come back in full swing.  But we have a competition of our own—The ChickChat Super Bowl 2012 Commercial Poll!

Arguably the best part of the annual Super Bowl is the famous Super Bowl commercials.  While each of these bring forth particular entertainment law issues—From licensing agreements to copyrights; from intellectual property to indecency—sometimes the most important impact of these commercials is, well, the entertainment value.

So tell ChickChat what you liked the most!!  Vote for your favorite Super Bowl commercials for 2012!

To watch the videos over again to make sure your vote counts, check out all of our voting options at either this link (through superbowl-commercials.org) OR this link (through superbowlcommercials2012.net).

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