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Coach Failed to “Purse”-sue Triumph in Trademark Action

28 Feb

In 2004, Triumph Services, a company that prepares software and books to help prepare students and teachers for standardized tests, filed an application for a stylized COACH mark and design. Coach Services, Inc. has used the COACH mark since 1961 and is a designer/manufacturer of handbags, wallets, sunglasses, watches and luggage. CSI owns 16 incontestable registrations for the COACH mark; all but one issued before Triumph’s application for the mark.

Upon Triumph’s registration for its mark, CSI filed suit based on a likelihood of confusion. The action was dismissed. Recently on appeal, the Federal Circuit affirmed the findings that there was no likelihood of confusion and that CSI failed to show a likelihood of dilution.

A synopsis, and the full opinion, can be found here.

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