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Another Legal Battle for Apple in China

20 Mar

In a reversal of the usual pattern of U.S. companies going after Chinese copycats, a group of prominent Chinese writers sued Apple Inc. alleging the company sold unlicensed versions of their books through the iTunes online store.  Three separate lawsuits were filed in Beijing alleging Apple sold 59 book titles through the online store unlicensed.  The three lawsuits are demanding millions in compensation from Apple and additional lawsuits are waiting to be filed.

According to Wang Guohua, a Beijing lawyer representing the writers, Apple deleted some of the works made available via the Apple Store after the suits were filed in January.  The works later reappeared after being uploaded again by developers who sell apps through the store.

“Some developers, with whom Apple has contracts, put them back online again.  It is encouragement in disguise, because they did not punish the developers.  The developers could have been kicked out.  But nothing happened to them,” said Wang.

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UPDATE: Battle over iPad Trademark Continues

24 Feb

Apple appears to be out of hot water in Shanghai, for the moment (see our earlier posts, entitled Apple Could Face Fine of $1.6 Billion for iPad Trademark Infringement in China” and “UPDATE: China Seizing iPads”).  A court in Shanghai rejected Proview’s request for a preliminary injunction to stop Apple from sell its iPad tablets in the city.  The court stated proceedings in the dispute would be halted until the Higher People’s Court of Guangdong decides an appeal brougt before the court by Apple.  A hearing of the case is schedule before the Guangdong court on February 29.

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UPDATE: China Seizing iPads

20 Feb

Last week, it was reported that Apple could be fined for iPad trademark infringement in China (see our earlier post, entitled Apple Could Face Find of $1.6 Billion for iPad Trademark Infringement in China located at this link).  The Los Angeles Times has reported that the trademark fight between Proview Technology in China and Apple is escalating to the point that the Chinese government is seizing iPad tablets from retail stores in northern China.

The LA Times reported that “[t]he seizures in Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei province, were in response to a trademark infringement complaint filed by Chinese company Proview Technology . . . Proview Technology, which is based in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, said it holds the trademark for the hot-selling device in China.”

Read the full story from the Los Angeles Times at this link.

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