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UPDATE: China Seizing iPads

20 Feb

Last week, it was reported that Apple could be fined for iPad trademark infringement in China (see our earlier post, entitled Apple Could Face Find of $1.6 Billion for iPad Trademark Infringement in China located at this link).  The Los Angeles Times has reported that the trademark fight between Proview Technology in China and Apple is escalating to the point that the Chinese government is seizing iPad tablets from retail stores in northern China.

The LA Times reported that “[t]he seizures in Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei province, were in response to a trademark infringement complaint filed by Chinese company Proview Technology . . . Proview Technology, which is based in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, said it holds the trademark for the hot-selling device in China.”

Read the full story from the Los Angeles Times at this link.

Bay-Watch Your Bills

16 Feb

Model and former Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson forgot that just because she is a celebrity, she still has to pay her bills—especially her legal bills!

Anderson’s Century City/Los Angeles law firm, Glaser Weil FInk Jacobs Howard Avchen & Shapiro—who has also represented the likes of Conan O’Brien and Keith Olbermann—is taking Anderson to court for her failure to pay over $66,000 in legal fees.  It looks like the firm will take her to arbitration court within Los Angeles County as of now, but considering she apparently hasn’t paid her legal bills to this firm since they started representing her in April 2011, it could get much further.  The Hollywood Reporter states that the nature of the legal work is unknown at this point, but firm partner John Mason was directly involved in her specific legal matters.

The full story from The Hollywood Reporter can be found at this link.

VOTE HERE for your Favorite Super Bowl 2012 Commercial!

9 Feb

The National Football League’s championship has come and gone, and football fans now have to wait another 6 or so months for the season to come back in full swing.  But we have a competition of our own—The ChickChat Super Bowl 2012 Commercial Poll!

Arguably the best part of the annual Super Bowl is the famous Super Bowl commercials.  While each of these bring forth particular entertainment law issues—From licensing agreements to copyrights; from intellectual property to indecency—sometimes the most important impact of these commercials is, well, the entertainment value.

So tell ChickChat what you liked the most!!  Vote for your favorite Super Bowl commercials for 2012!

To watch the videos over again to make sure your vote counts, check out all of our voting options at either this link (through OR this link (through

Japanese Porn Virus Creators Arrested

9 Feb

A computer virus sent via pornography sites in Japan have cost Internet users nearly $7.7 million (600 million yen), and recently, the creators of the extortion scheme have been arrested.  The viral fraud has impacted over a million Internet users by infecting their computer with a virus when a particular adult entertainment video is played—and the viewer is prompted with warning messages saying the virus will not be erased unless extortion money is sent to the creators of the site.  From, “[t]he scheme involved the creation of 20 adult entertainment and gossip websites that led users to another adult site. The virus was downloaded to users’ computers if they played a video on the second site.”

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UPDATE: Music Industry Closed-Minded Toward OPEN

2 Feb

The OPEN Act is gaining some support!  (See our earlier blog post about the OPEN Act, “Meet the OPEN Act!” at this link.)  But, the music industry might not be completely on board:  The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is opposing the OPEN Act.  While the OPEN Act has found more support than PIPA and SOPA, there are some groups, like RIAA, that are fully opposed to OPEN.  The RIAA stated on Wednesday, in a document being circulated amongst members of Congress:

“No legitimate Internet service should profit from illegal activity or lead its users to illegal sites. The OPEN Act does nothing to stop this behavior and may even make the problem worse.”

View the full story, published by The Hill, located at this link.

Eye of the Newt

31 Jan

The Republican party has a long history… Of stealing music for their campaigns.  While other Republican candidates and public officials have been sued before, they all backed down and publicly apologized to the copyright holder (check out former Florida governor Charlie Crist’s particularly and famously humiliating apology at this link).  So the question remains:  Is it really copyright infringement for candidates to use copyrighted music at their campaign events?

While we may suspect “yes,” we might soon find the court’s answer.  Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingerich has been sued by Frank Sullivan, co-author of the Grammy-award winning song from the motion picture Rocky III, “Eye of the Tiger” for the use of the song during his entrance of his Presidential campaign events.

The complaint asserts copyright infringement because of Gingerich’s use of the song during various events, promotions, and press conferences without prior authorization.  Sullivan is seeking an injunction to prohibit Gingerich’s use of the song during his campaign.

To view the full story from The Hollywood Reporter, follow this link.

Hello world! Meet ChickChat!

20 Jan

Welcome to the new ChickChat, LLC blog!

The goal of this blog is to provide the public with a look into the world of entertainment law and what we—and our entertainment law firm—find interesting within this truly fascinating industry.  What makes this blog unique is that, while all four of the attorneys are within the entertainment industry, we all focus on and are experts in very different areas of the law.  This is wonderful news for you!  Instead of another boring blog where every post is literally all focused on the exact same law within the exact same industry, this blog provides all sorts of posts, based on each of our individual interests and areas of expertise.

Through ChickChat, your eyes will be opened up to the very wide and expansive world of entertainment law—from fashion to copyright, and from technological intellectual property to controversial speech in entertainment.

We look forward to writing and posting for you!   Please feel free to contact the firm, or the individual partners, through this website or through email at


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