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POLL: Tell ChickChat How We’re Doing!

26 Apr

As those familiar with ChickChat, LLC are aware, this blog and fictional law firm are a part of a law school simulation for an Entertainment Law course (the ChickChat Firm Disclaimer can be found at this link).  As the semester comes to a close and half of the members are preparing for graduation, we at ChickChat would like to know how we did!

Please take this opportunity to comment or send messages to the ChickChat staff—both positive attributes and constructive criticism—so we know what you, our audience, liked or disliked.  Comments may alternatively be emailed to, or posted on our Facebook page or Twitter account!  Or take our poll and let us know if you enjoyed—and would like to continue enjoying—our blog!

Our aim is to please and to inform, and we hope we have done so… And we hope you’ve enjoyed chatting with these legal chicks as much as we have enjoyed sharing our interests with you!!

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Constitutional Challenges to Record Keeping Requirements Remain in Court

19 Apr

This week, the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit reversed a lower court’s decision made in late 2010 to grant a motion to dismiss constitutional challenges to the latest amendments made to 18 U.S.C. §§ 2257 and 2257A.  These sections include the record keeping, labeling, and inspection requirements placed on producers of adult, sexually-explicit material.

The Free Speech Coalition led a group of plaintiffs in challenging the constitutionality of the law as it currently stands, particularly challenging the constitutionality of the 2004 amendments to the law.  In 2006, the Free Speech Coalition lost in the Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit making a similar argument, and were on the same course of failure when the federal district court granted the government’s motion to dismiss in 2010.  However, after appeals and judicial review, the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit reversed this motion to dismiss and remanded to the lower court with instructions.

To learn more, read the full article at XBiz by following this link.

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More Universities Dispute—And Win—In .xxx Arbitrations

29 Mar

On Tuesday, March 27, XBiz announced that both Baylor University and University of Texas have won arbitration suits granting them control over the .xxx top-level domain names purchased and connected to their schools.  A judge said that “” and “” belong to the universities, because the registrant (who was not associated with the universities) obtained the sites and refused the schools to purchase them out of bad faith.  As evidence of the registrant’s bad faith, the universities showed evidence that the registrant accessed information attempting to find if sites such as “,” “,” and “” were available for purchase.

These arbitrations are a continuance of the already heavily disputed .xxx top-level domain name distribution across the entire Internet.  According to the article, “out of 17 .XXX UDRP cases filed so far, eight cases have been resolved by arbitrators — all in favor of complainants.”  The article continued by stating that “[t]he victories keep mounting for .XXX complainants in the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy, or UDRP, cases, particularly since nearly all of the cases involve non-adult companies purchasing mainstream brands.”

To view the full article from XBiz, follow this link.  For more information on the .xxx top-level domain name controversy, follow this link from Wired.

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POLL: Santorum v. Porn—Too Much?

22 Mar

Rick Santorum’s position paper discussing how he will crack down on pornography if elected to Presidency has ruffled some feathers—and not only in the adult entertainment industry.  MSNBC reported earlier this week, as reported on an article from XBiz, that 74% of people polled felt that the federal government should back down from such a strong enforcement of pornography.   In response to Santorum’s claims that porn is causing a “pandemic of harm” and contributing to violence against women, leaders in adult entertainment have responded through an article from MSNBC:  Hustler’s Larry Flynt says “Nonsense,” and Vivid’s Steven Hirsch states “Absolutely no proof.”  Flynt even continued by reminding readers that President Lyndon B. Johnson spent millions of dollars in 1969 to determine the detrimental effects of pornography… And came up with nothing.  From MSBNC, “‘You have guys like Santorum come along and they bring out the bogeyman every chance they get,’ Flynt said. ‘You will be hard-pressed to find anyone that can point out to you a study that shows harm is caused to anyone exposed to porn materials.'”

What do you think? Participate in our POLL!

To view the full article from MSNBC, click here.  To view the full article from XBiz, click here.

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Live Chat with ChickChat, LLC

14 Mar

ChickChat, LLC has added a new and beneficial feature to its blog…. Meebo.  Feel free to chat with these chatty chicks any time we are available for live discussion.

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Thank You to Guest Speaker at Widener Law

1 Mar

Chick Chat LLC, students of Professor Tonya Evans Entertainment Law class, would like to thank attorney Todd J. Shill of Rhoads & Sinon, LLP in Harrisburg, PA for taking the time to speak to our class.

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POLL: Host Billy Crystal Incites Oscar Drama

27 Feb

Following Sunday February 26th’s Oscar Awards, host Billy Crystal has been receiving some backlash for an opening bit in which he was “blackface” Sammy Davis, Jr. (“blackface” refers to an actor being in full facial makeup so as to appear as though they are a different skin color).  In the skit, which was a parody of the award-winning movie Midnight in Paris, Billy Crystal appeared as himself along with Justin Bieber and “Sammy Davis, Jr.” (Crystal in blackface), who proposed to “kill Hitler.”   Many in the public have already reacted to the skit, including comedian Paul Scheer tweeting Best Supporting Actress winner Octavia Spenser (for The Help), saying that her win “shows just how far we’ve come since Billy Crystal performed in Blackface.”

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23 Feb

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21 Feb

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Condoms May Push Porn Out of Los Angeles

21 Feb

Last month, the Los Angeles City Counsel voted on a resolution requiring all porn productions filmed on sets in Los Angeles county to use condoms.  While everyone—including the adult entertainment industry—understands the importance of protection, safe sex, and safety in the workplace, porn leaders are now speaking up about the influence this new regulation may have.

Most notably, Steve Hirsch, owner of Vivid Entertainment has stated that Vivid will continue shooting without condoms—even if that means his company will be moving out of Los Angeles county.  Many major adult entertainment corporations are currently located in Los Angeles county, including Hirsch’s Vivid and Larry Flynt‘s Hustler, which are located in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, respectively; the move away from L.A. may prove to be detrimental to the economy in an already-struggling southern California.  In fact, the Los Angeles Times reports that local economists found that adult entertainment made $4 billion in profits and provided up to 20,000 jobs annually to various aspects of the entertainment industry.

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