About the Firm

::: Legal Disclaimer :::

*** We are not actual attorneys… Yet.  But we are 4 women who love the law—each in our own fun way and each through our own journeys through law school.  Therefore, we wouldn’t highly recommend you use what we say on this class blog as legal advice.  You should still go see a real attorney if you have a real legal issue.  But if you need a real attorney, we graduate on May 20.  Call us.  But until then, remember:  We’re just law students and unqualified to do just about anything aside from drink coffee, stress about finals, and of course, dream about the day people will take our legal advice. ***

::: Firm Description :::

ChickChat, LLC is a solely-online law firm dedicated to litigation, negotiation, and mediation in the field of entertainment law.  Our partners are experts in various aspects of the law, including copyright and trademark infringement, intellectual property litigation, finance, fashion, controversial speech in the media, and Constitutional issues impacting the entertainment industry.  We serve our clients through a mission of upholding the law and the Constitution of the United States of America, and we commit to zealously represent those clients.

Because of the unique structure of our virtual law office, we offer several services to our clients that traditional firms may not be able to give, including immediate email responses, a blog of the most recent news and legal changes in the entertainment industry, client video conferencing over a secure IP address, and educational sessions to our clients who may be uninformed in the basics and structure of entertainment law.

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