Protection for the “Model” Citizens Among Us

22 Feb

As a teenager, most of us are worried about proms, graduation and finally gaining freedom from our parents. Some of teenagers, however, are more preoccupied with photo shoots, runway bookings and focusing on not tripping down a runway lined high powered fashion business people.

Just before the start of New York Fashion Week, Sara Ziff and other fashion models in the industry launched  a rights group seeking workplace standards including backstage privacy to stop unauthorized nude photos and a program to provide confidential advice on dealing with sexual harassment. Model Sara Ziff who started in the industry at age 14, founded the nonprofit Model Alliance because she said she has seen the industry disregard child labor laws, evade financial transparency and tolerate sexual abuse in the workplace. In a statement, Ziff was quoted as saying “Most models start their adult careers as minors and they labor in an unregulated business knowing that they are highly replaceable.”

Their first order of business? To clear the backstage area of photographers and non-essential staff when models have to change clothes. Diane von Furstenberg, president of the CFDA, worked with the alliance during Fashion Week on implementing the rule.

Full details about the Alliance and it’s mission in the industry can be found here and here.

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