Don’t Go Against The Godfather

22 Feb

Paramount Pictures has filed a complaint in federal court in Manhattan against, Anthony Puzo, son of author Mario Puzo and executor of his estate, alleging publication of a new sequel to “The Godfather” novel is not authorized.  The film company bought the copyright in The Godfather in 1969, produced trilogy of The Godfather films, and authorized one sequel novel, “The Godfather’s Return”, in 2004.

Paramount states the Puzo estate published a second novel, “The Godfather’s Revenge”, without approval in 2006 and the estate is set to release a third novel later this year, “The Family Corleone.”  The complaint by Paramount alleges:

“Far from properly honoring the legacy of ‘The Godfather,’ the unauthorized ‘The Godfather’s Revenge’ tarnished, and in the process, also misled consumers into believing that ‘The Godfather’s Revenge’ was authorized by Paramount.”

The full article from Bloomberg Businessweek can be found at this link.

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