Japanese Porn Virus Creators Arrested

9 Feb

A computer virus sent via pornography sites in Japan have cost Internet users nearly $7.7 million (600 million yen), and recently, the creators of the extortion scheme have been arrested.  The viral fraud has impacted over a million Internet users by infecting their computer with a virus when a particular adult entertainment video is played—and the viewer is prompted with warning messages saying the virus will not be erased unless extortion money is sent to the creators of the site.  From xbiz.com, “[t]he scheme involved the creation of 20 adult entertainment and gossip websites that led users to another adult site. The virus was downloaded to users’ computers if they played a video on the second site.”

Japanese authorities have arrested the suspected mastermind behind the creation of the fraud pornography websites, Shinya Horimoto, as well as five other suspected accomplices. The virus has been effecting users for nearly a year; Japanese authorities were unable to find the source of the virus until recently because the creators used shell corporations to disguise the bank accounts where the extorted money was being sent.

While the fact that some pornography sites have such viruses attached has monetarily impacted the adult entertainment industry in some way, no specific numbers are available at this time.

The full story from xbiz.com is located at this link.

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